Provided Services

a) Corporate:

Although we are specialised in providing legal services, representation, assistance and consultancy for energy and oil and gas companies, our expertize and experience is not limited to these sectors, being able to provide and prove same propmt and professional legal services in the following practice areas:

Real estate and buildings
  • Providing legal assistance in the development-sale-purchase of real estate business sector on residential, retail, industrial, agricultural and forestry;
  • Providing legal assistance in the field of companies' investments and development, acquisitions of real estate especially office buildings, commercial centers and factories;
  • Providing legal assistance for long term rental, personal and real estate securities regarding breaking down of the ownership right, constructions, including those under FIDIC regulations;
  • Providing legal assistance in the land acquisition projects;
  • Legal assistance for real estate projects and representing in front of authorities for obtaining constructions, buildings autorizations, permits, licenses and other related documents
Bank laws and regulations
  • Legal assistance for financial, banking and corporate issues of Romanian or foreign companies which are borrowers or guarantors besides bank consortium related to granting or guaranting of international bank transactions;
  • Legal assistance in order to prepare and obtain loans;
  • Legal assistance for obtaining and running over L/C's;
  • Companies consulting for continuous generating of the necessary working capital;
  • Clients' advise for the structure of the guarantees package of loan/credit’s facilities;
  • Legal assistance granted to non banking financial institutions, including representation in front of the National Bank of Romania, if the case, regarding the preparation and structuring of the standard loan agreements, internal regulations, issues related to consumer’s protection provisions, personal data protection and problems related to competition laws in connection to consumption credits;
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due dilligence, preparation and negotiation of domestic and international transactions;
  • Due dilligence for domestic and international biddings and tenders participation;
  • Legal assistance for taking over shares/social parts
Corporate/Companies' laws
  • Prepare drafts of the companies’ constitutive settlement documents (Statute, Company’s Act) and fulfil formalities at the Trade Register in order to establish companies, natural authorised persons (including recommendationa of accounting solutions) as well as establishing associations and foundations;
  • Urgent obtaining of certificates for good standing;
  • Consultancy for corporate activities;
  • Legal assistance for Romanian and foreign companies in order to achieve corporate governing and develop day to day activities, assistance in preparing and submitting documents to the Board of Administration, Management Committee and Shareholders Assembly;
  • Commercial disputes – reprezentation and assistance in the Court;
  • Formalities for obtaining all kind of authorizations, licenses, permits and negotiations, representing and legal assistance in front of different state bodies, representatives and authorities;
  • Solutions for the Romanian companies having financial problems, respectively taking over by foreign financial concerns/companies of such Romanian companies;
  • Assistance in establishing or taking over of offshore companies in cooperation with local companies that provide services in this field for offshore companies set up in Cyprus, Holland and Dubai;
  • Debts recover;
  • Intelectual and industrial property advise
Labor law
  • Disputes – representation and legal assistance;
  • Preparing drafts for labor agreements and management;
  • Work permits for foreigners;
  • Human Resources consulting jobs
Legal assistance services in the energy sector and upstream oil and gas
  • Due diligence in the renewable energy projects (fotovoltaic cells plants, biomass etc);
  • Negotiations and wording petroleum concession agreements;
  • Assignments, Farm out/Farm in agreements, JOA's, extensions of agreement's phases, amendments of agreements;
  • Services contracts in the oil industry;
  • Licenses, authorizations, permits for the petroleum operations;
  • Land right of use and formalities with land owners on behalf of Titleholders of the petroleum concession agreements;
  • Prepared documents and providing legal assistance for taking part in international bidding rounds organised by NAMR, ANRE etc
We are cooperating with expert accountants that can provide, on request, professional accounting services, commercial accounting, consulting, assistance and financial-economic analyses reports, financial control and audit.

b) Natural persons:

  • Family law (divorces, divisions, maintenance pensions, successions etc)
  • Representation and legal assistance on Civil law (vindications, usucapio, successions, contraventions, coming out from co-ownership , rental agreements, sale-purchase agreements, debts recover, judicial divisions, real estate etc)
  • Labor law
  • Consumers' protection
  • Human rights protection
  • Foreigners (obtaining of citizenship, staying permit, labor permit, refuge etc)

c) Authorised translations

  • Authorised translations from Romanian into English and from English into Romanian language